Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission

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The great-great-granddaughter of Joseph and Emma Smith, Gracia Jones was taught as a young girl not to discuss her relationship to the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Years later, when as a young woman she joined the LDS church, she was intrigued by what she heard of her ancestors, particularly Emma, who was viewed as not quite Joseph’s equal.

Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission is a careful, sensitive history describing the powerful sustaining relationship that Joseph and Emma shared and their tremendous mutual loyalty throughout the seventeen years of their marriage.

Author Gracia Jones writes, “There is no doubt that Emma put her whole soul into the effort of helping to lay the foundation of the kingdom of God. Her faith in the truthfulness of (Joseph’s) mission caused Emma to turn her back on parents, social position, security and all things a girl holds dear, to share a beggar’s life with her prophet husband, whose entire energy was directed toward fulfilling God’s commandment to take the message of the Restoration to the whole world. . . ”

Joseph’s devotion to Emma shines through his numerous letters to her. Of Emma, Joseph wrote, “She that was my wife of my youth, and the choice of my heart. . . Again she is here, even in the seventh trouble — undaunted, firm, and unwavering — unchangeable, affectionate Emma!”

In sharing her personal study of Joseph and Emma, including letters not published elsewhere, sister Jones offers readers new understanding into these two very important figures in Church history and the various events that shaped their lives.

Insightful and thoroughly documented, Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission will undoubtedly become a classic among all students of Church history. Not only does it contain information that has not been widely available, it presents many familiar incidents in a new light, from the author’s new perspective.

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  1. LLYLY

    LLYLY- I read this book a couple of years ago and gained a stronger testimony of the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith and the divine mission of the Elect lady by his side.In my opinion it is truly an inspired book by one of the prophet’s descendants to put Emma at a better light of our understandings of her life and character.

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